7 September 2013 A leaf cookie cutter for fancy cookie baking

A leaf cookie cutter for fancy cookie baking

If you like fancy baking then a leaf cookie cutter, along with other fancy cookie cutters should be part of your baking repertoire for sure. Cookie cutters in different shapes and sizes can be a delightful addition to your baking because cookies made in different shapes are more appealing than round or square ones. There is scope for more variety if you are using differently shaped cookie cutters and you can easily use a leaf cookie cutter for other baking purposes as well – like for cutting out fondant shapes for cake decoration.

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Remember though, that a leaf cookie cutter and indeed, any other cookie cutter cannot be used for making soft dough and chewy cookies like chocolate chip ones. This is because the dough for such cookies is of a soft consistency and need to be merely dropped onto the parchment paper and then gradually expands while baking into a disc. Thus even if you try to make them into shapes, they will not listen to your bidding. A leaf cookie cutter is best used to make hard sugar cookies – the dough in this case can be rolled out and cut into shapes.

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Hard sugar cookie dough is easy to make at home and sugar cookies and any other cookies baked at home have a splendid aroma and a beautiful taste, that store bought cookies cannot compare with. Anyone who bakes cookies at home will vouch for this since only the freshest ingredients and the best methods are used. To make sugar cookie dough, all you need is flour, eggs and sugar – as well as butter. Gather the ingredients into a soft dough, press it into a disc  – the flattened shape will be helpful when you are rolling out the dough – and wrap in cling film before chilling it in the fridge for half an hour at least for it to be firm enough to roll and use a leaf cookie cutter on.

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Roll out the dough into a thin oblong shape and using cookie cutters – a leaf cookie cutter included – cut out shapes in the dough. Chill these shapes in the fridge for some more time and then bake them in a preheated oven for about 10 minutes, watching carefully to see that they do not burn. Once you see these cookies are turning brown around the edges, take them out of the oven, let them cool completely and then frost them with frosting of your choice. A leaf shaped cookie cut out with a leaf cookie cutter must necessarily be frosted in green frosting. Make a sugar glaze with icing sugar and water, color it with green frosting and use that to frost the cookie. You can also use brown or orange frosting depending on what shapes your cookies are – autumn leaf cookies must be orange, of course.

You can also use a leaf cookie cutter to make fondant leaves for cake decoration. For this reason, a plunger leaf cookie cutter would make more sense as the fine lines of the leaves can be etched out, using them.