30 August 2016 Best Kitchen Cabinet Handles and Knobs

Best Kitchen Cabinet Handles and Knobs

It can be very easy to overlook kitchen cabinet handles and knobs.  After all, these are small and relatively cheap especially when you compare them to where they are attached or major appliances like a refrigerator. But practical homeowners know that a cabinet handle (also known as cabinet pull) and knob can make a difference in the look and feel of the kitchen.

For one, a kitchen cabinet handle or knob is highly visible especially when compared to hardware such as cabinet hinges.  Well-picked cabinet handles and knobs can add up to the look of your kitchen.

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Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Kitchen Cabinet Handles

You can go to a hardware or home improvement store to buy kitchen cabinet handles for your kitchen renovation.  A kitchen cabinet handle can give that part of your house a more sophisticated and elegant look.

In choosing a cabinet handle, you should take into consideration several factors. One is the look that you want to achieve for your kitchen. If the part of the house where you prepare food has a modern look, you may want to opt for a cabinet handle with angles. If you intend to have a Tuscan-themed kitchen, find cabinet handles tamped with grapes. Of if it’s a rustic kitchen that you have in mind, purchase kitchen cabinet handles that are made from wrought iron.

The length of the cabinet handle is something that you will also need to consider. Long handles are easier to grasp and hold. But the shape needs two anchors to the cabinet door, meaning there would be two holes to be drilled. This could mean more time and labor needed especially if you have a kitchen with many cabinet doors. You can also opt for extra long cabinet handle, which are just as long as the door or drawer where it is attached to.

Metal is the most common material from which cabinet handles are made of. But there are other materials that you can opt for when choosing a cabinet handle. One is brass which has a bright, yellow appearance. It’s  a traditional metal used for cabinet handle, which makes it great for people who like a classic appearance.

You can also opt for nickel, which has a silvery color. It’s a modern metal for cabinet handles, and it is preferred by many homeowners because it can easily match the color of faucets, sinks, and most kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Kitchen cabinet knobs have  a simpler look than kitchen cabinet doors, owing to their shape and size. It is usually round or oval, compared to a handle which is elongated. However there are also knobs that come in other shapes like rectangle and square.

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Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

There are actually two kinds of knobs—solid and hollow. The former is a solid piece of metal that feels more substantial. It is more expensive than hollow knobs which is hollow inside and feels lighter.

While it is functional and attractive for cabinet drawers, a knob may not be good or sturdy enough to pull drawers.

Knobs come in different styles and sizes. You may want a simple shape like a circle which would work well in modern-themed kitchens. Ornate knobs, on the other hand, are more ideal for traditional kitchens. You can also find knobs in unique designs lie flowers for themed kitchens.

You must also take into consideration the material of the cabinet knob.  There are various materials typically used for cabinet knobs from glass to wood to metals.  Steel or chrome knobs work well for contemporary kitchens while faceted glass knobs and polished brass can give your kitchen a classic look.

DIY kitchen cabinet handles and knobs

But what if you can’t find a kitchen cabinet handle or knob that suits your taste? Or you want to replace those old handles or knobs so that you can give your kitchen a new look? You can opt for DIY kitchen cabinet handles and knobs. It’s a very inexpensive way of dressing up your kitchen without replacing your cabinets or even buying new appliances.

What’s more, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to replace those old cabinet handles and knobs. For example, you can use twisted manila rope to replace those cabinet pulls or handles. It can give your kitchen a distinct look while not burning a hole in your pockets. It’s also a great idea if you have a countryside-themed kitchen.

Start by cutting a 5/8 twisted manila rope into sections that would be long enough for the hole spacing of the cabinet kitchen. You can also put a thin layer of tape at its end so that the rope won’t fray.

The use a 5/8 inch regular nut, and using a sawzall, cut it in half. Screw the nut onto each end of the rope. Add some glue to prevent the rope from pulling out.  Screw the nuts onto the other side of the cabinet door.

You don’t even need to replace those old knobs in your kitchen cabinet or drawers. You can dress up your kitchen cabinets by adding mineral or rock slices. All you need are several beautiful rock pieces, a permanent craft adhesive glue, and low adhesive painter’s tape.

Squeeze a generous amount of the permanent craft adhesive glue onto the front of the knob and then attach the mineral or rock onto it. The using the low adhesive painter’s tape, secure the rock into the knob to prevent it from sliding off until it dries. After 24 hours, remove the tape. The key here is getting a super strong glue that is capable enough of attaching the rock or mineral to the knob.

Of course, you can just buy a kitchen cabinet handle or knob in your favorite home improvement store then install it by yourself. You don’t really need to ask for professional help in installing cabinet handles and knobs but you should also know how to do so.

In placing the knob, remember that the farther away it is from the hinge, the less effort needed in opening the door. You can try to place the knobs for the kitchen wall about 3 inches up from the lower corner of the door, opposite the hinge side. You will discover that you can comfortably grab the knobs when placed in this location.

If you’re still uncertain on where to install the pull or knob, you can place reusable putty adhesive to the hardware. It’s something you can buy at hardware stores. Then try out various parts. Mark the one spot you like with a pencil and then install the rest.

Or you can buy a template that costs less than $10 at home centers. This can help you finish the job faster, reduce the chance for errors, and install the knobs or handles correctly.

You may also try to put superglue on the back of oblong and rectangular knobs that have a single screw. These knobs are known to twist over time. But by putting a sealant, it can prevent the screw from coming loose from the knob.

As you can see, you have lots of options when it comes to cabinet handles and knobs. Whether you buy one or create your own handle or knob, use a cabinet hardware that can add to the beauty of your kitchen.