7 June 2012 Black And White Kitchen Cabinets

Black And White Kitchen Cabinets

Black and white kitchen cabinets are the timeless kitchen design ever made. Any of kitchen design theme, if painting with black and white, will generate the same wonderful atmosphere. Nowadays, after the modern or contemporary kitchen design is found, people are more and more aware of how black and white can generate such expensive elegant style in a very easy way. Both of them are neutral colors, so you will be given large chance to try to combine it with various colors; from the darker colors — like maroon, dark grey, dark brown and dark blue – to the lightest shades of colors like grey, olive green, light blue or light yellow.

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The modern black and white kitchen cabinets are designed to shows cold and elegant look. So, to generate this atmosphere the interior designers usually use more glass and stainless steel to create such feel. All the material uses here are clean and reflect the lights perfectly that creates brighter room. This black and white kitchen cabinets design will get to be more masculine if you mixed it with the chest flooring type. More modern kitchen design also can be made by adding brighter shades of wooden colors; make sure you don’t put anything unnecessary too much to keep on with the theme.

Black and White Kitchen Cabinets 2012

Black and white kitchen cabinets can also be made such way to create retro look by adding the darker colors like olive green or red cherry wooden furniture. You can use one cherry cabinet as one of your kitchen furniture. And choose to use olive green as your kitchen backsplash. Maroon and green olive will create elegant retro look rather than adding more texture for the floor and wall background. You can also combine the design with darker color like deep yellow, violet and dark blue bowl and cup collections.

Contemporary of black and white kitchen cabinet can also be made by adding bright red. Black and white with many types of metal and glass furniture can create too much bright and larger effect of the room. And this bright red will be function, to balance this emptiness effect. Put one small vase, collection of small glass accessories to put warmer beautiful effect.

Get more themes and various effects of colors by using black and white kitchen cabinet; find it easily to be adapted. Create new themes and enjoying new experience this kitchen designs.