10 June 2012 Cheap Kitchen Updates Ideas

Cheap Kitchen Updates Ideas

Updating a simple and dull kitchen to a more lavish and fresher look one is not pricey nowadays. We can easily update our kitchen without hurting your pocket. These cheap kitchen updates ideas can be your inspiration in starting your project.

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First, do not change the layout of your kitchen. Changing the lay out will cost your money for plumbing and electricity. Let the essential appliances stay, you just need to change the lay out for removable objects such as tables, chairs stools etc. Buy new appliances when it is necessary and re use your useable old appliances and kitchen accessories.

Repainting and re furnishing can do the magic for your cheap kitchen update ideas. You can paint your kitchen cabinets, walls, seating etc with different colors and patterns. It is better to apply satin or semi gloss latex paint for your walls and furniture. It stands up to scrubbing. To paint your cabinets, you need to prime them first with deglossing primer to help the paint adhere and eliminate the need for messy sanding. Although removing doors, drawers, and hardware is time consuming, the result is terrific. Be creative in choosing your paint color and pattern.

Reusing your kitchen cabinets might need some tricks. You can start with changing your drawer pulls and cabinet handles. You can use the existing holes and take some of your old hardware to the shop to match the placement and size of the screws.  If you don’t have enough budgets, you can change the upper cabinets or drawers only. Change your cabinets with open shelving can give a refreshing and wider look of your cheap kitchen updates ideas. Display the cabinet contents attractively and keep them well organized.  Glass doors combinations on one set of cabinets can create a focal point for the kitchen.

Be creative. You can laminate or use ceramic kitchen countertops.  They  have varieties of colors and patterns. You can be creative with paint, tile, mirrors, or framed prints or photos for your backsplash. Frame them identically and hang them close together to blend them with the wall. Vinyl floors and Laminate are the perfect option for cheap kitchen update ideas. If you do not want to change your wood floors, you can paint them with durable floor paint for a new look.

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Creativity is the key for your cheap kitchen update ideas. Do it step by step and you will get an exceptional result. You can start to read more tips o cheap kitchen update ideas for more information.