8 June 2012 Church Kitchen Design Ideas

Church Kitchen Design Ideas

Building a church kitchen can be a problematic process. We have to be selective in choosing the right church kitchen design ideas according to its function and the demand of the congregations. Some of these tips may help you in designing your church kitchen.

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In choosing the right church kitchen design ideas, you should consider the function first. If your church is a small church, you don’t need much space.  Use small and efficient appliances such as simple design for the stove, double sinks for washing hands and dishes, a considerate size of storage cabinet to keep food. For this kind of church, you don’t need details and complicated ornaments, be specific and economical.

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If your church is bigger, meaning that sometimes it holds weekly meal activities. The best church kitchen design ideas might be to make it bigger since it will be used more often by many people. As a start, you can have an opening in one side of the kitchen so the people can pick their own food. Use three sinks only, one for manual dish washing, hand washing and food preparation. In order that the staffs can move freely, you need enough space for food preparation area, you can use work tables on wheels and a commercial coffee makers. Supply your storage with freezer and refrigerators.

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If your church kitchen is used daily, it means that it needs bigger size and more kitchen appliances. It needs some appliances such as: commercial refrigerator, commercial range with exhaust hood and two ovens below, commercial dishwasher, freezers, and microwave. You also need a garbage disposal. For this kind of church kitchen design ideas, you’ll need soaking, hand washing and food prep sinks. You need a shelved storage space that can be opened and closed, both stationary and on wheels work tables, serving carts with wheels, a closet for coats and serving counters.

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As for the decorations, a good church kitchen design ideas should be modest and not too elaborated in style since it will be used for public and its efficiency is more important than the design. Better to use simple but durable kitchen appliances and minimum ornaments or decoration. Set your kitchen in accordance with the space available for it, you have to be a able to suit your design with the church’s space. As for the color, try to use colors which are suitable with your church’s theme. Do not overdo with grandeur granite flooring, simple wooden flooring will suffice. Fit the needs with your budget and use is wisely. When building the kitchen church, make sure that you use skilled workers and not the amateur ones.