13 November 2012 Country Kitchen Table and Chairs

Country Kitchen Table and Chairs

Country kitchen table and chairs is still become the market favorite preferences up until now. That is why; every furniture store must have at least two country kitchen furniture models in their store. Unlike traditional kitchen table, the country style offers everything in light composition. If you see that the traditional kitchen furniture often bring dark, gloomy and awkward atmosphere with their wooden bold style, the country bring sweet, cozy, and more dynamic atmosphere. It usually appears to make your home look warm and comfortable with simple feminine way.

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Some people sometimes think that country styles are similar with the vintage style, because these two styles show girly and feminine sense. Well, the opinion are actually not quite true, if you see a little bit closer, you will that country style is usually simpler, less feminine because there are less engrave on the chair or edge of the table like vintage style. The country kitchen table and chairs usually being use just the way it is, without table cover, without chair coverings, and the appliances around is too, simple, without any flowery printed curtains. If there is table cover, it will be just loose broken white linen to make elegant touch.

Some of country kitchen table and chairs are built with engraving, but it will be no more than simple curves at the table legs and back of the chair. The colors relatively using light, warm, and elegant wooden colors such as dark brown, gold, red, light brown, sometimes painted white or black. Country style can be arranged both to make more traditional style or modern style, some types of country kitchen style engrave such way that makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale world.

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The flexible country kitchen table and chairs make it easier to place them when you have vintage cabinet inside your kitchen, or traditional wooden countertops, as long as the material is still using wood, the country kitchen table will always find its way through. You can always add a table cover on your country table, and it will emerge the same beautiful when it is not. Country kitchen table and chair are best to be combined with red brick backsplash, natural stone and granite, and will look the same stunning with tile. Use anything as flooring, the country dining table will follow, use any type of chandelier or centerpiece, or nothing at all, it still can make your kitchen look amazing.