10 June 2012 Country Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Country Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

A country kitchen should give us the rustic and natural feel. The main theme for your country kitchen wall decor ideas should go along that scheme. Some French country style characteristics such as rustic atmosphere, natural color theme and multiple element displays are perfect in deciding your wall decor. If you are confused of what to do, here are some country kitchen wall decor ideas for you.

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Let’s start with the color theme. There are various color themes applicable for country kitchen wall decor idea. Some of them have paler, deeper color accents or elegant gold combination color. Whatever color theme you choose, it should incorporate the nature feel of your kitchen. You can adjust it with the lay out and size of your kitchen for example color for small kitchens and deeper color for bigger ones.

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Plain colored wall without pattern can be a good option if you decided that you will add some decorations on your country style kitchen wall decor idea. Plain wall can be adjusted to any decorations you want since you don’t have to match patterns with your kitchen decorations. It works best for smaller country kitchen. It will give the spacey accent to it. Add decorations efficiently on your plain country kitchen wall. If you prefer patterned wall, choose the ones with soft pattern. Retro style big patterned wall with contrast color combination will not suit your country kitchen look, since it should give you a rusty and natural feel. Better leave your patterned wall with fewer decorations as not to make your kitchen seems busy and crowded.

If you want to add accents to your country kitchen wall decor idea, you can add some country kitchen style decorations on it. Hanging some of your kitchen wares, old copper utensils in frame, some pictures in natural theme, dried flowers or country style towels orderly on it will be a perfect option. Remember to choose the right decorations which blend with your kitchen color theme. For displaying your kitchen wares, an open shelving with simple design will do perfect for you country kitchen wall décor idea. The open shelving will give you the nature look, but remember to display your stuff neatly and as attractive as you can.

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A natural and rusty feel is the key point for country kitchen wall decor idea. To do so, the right color theme, pattern and decorations incorporated in your wall will add the sense. Be careful and selective in choosing the right combination though.