25 July 2012 Dirty Kitchen Designs

Dirty Kitchen Designs

The term first came out from the Asian hemisphere. Dirty kitchen refers to the working kitchen or the butler’s pantry in the western country. This concept requires two kitchens, the clean kitchen functions to entertain the guest and complement the house as in the design term. The dirty kitchen, on the on the other hand, is the place where the real cooking job takes place. When the homeowner entertains guests, they like to put all of their food in the clean kitchen and the prepping and processing of food happens in the dirty kitchen. If you want to set up one for your house, here are some dirty kitchen designs for your reference.

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Dirty kitchen designs are all about functionality. Style and color matching will not be an important thing to consider. This can be the start of your design ideas. Make your plan according to the functionality of the kitchen. Start with the setting of your kitchen. Choose the ones which accommodates your triangle work area best. Adjust it with your kitchen’s shape, if a G shaped kitchen is too elaborate, you can always choose a simpler L shaped, U shaped of on wall shaped kitchen lay out. Only add an island in the centre when it is necessary and you have enough space for it.

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The next thing to do for your dirty kitchen designs is considering the appliances. It will depend on the size of guests you’d like to entertain. If you need to entertain more people, it means that you will need four burner stoves, double sink, and bigger cabinets to store more food and appliances and also bigger fridge to keep more food. Do not confuse about the style and models of your appliances. You just need to consider their durability and easier maintenance as the most important factors in choosing the perfect appliances for your dirty kitchen designs.

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Choose the design and wall color which complements the functionality of your kitchen. If white is your choice, you need to glaze the appliances with easier to maintain finishing materials. Finish your cabinets with glossy or durable finish. The same way goes to your backsplash. If natural stone backsplash is harder to clean and absorbs dampness, you can always choose simpler tile backsplash. You do not need the elaborate mosaic style or ornate ones for your dirty kitchen designs.

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Flooring will be the final in your dirty kitchen designs. Make sure that you have a save flooring and not slippery one since you will work on it very often. Choose wooden or natural stone flooring which is more durable and easier to clean than linoleum or laminated one.