25 September 2013 DIY backsplash ideas for your kitchen and bathroom

DIY backsplash ideas for your kitchen and bathroom

DIY backsplash ideas are the best option if you are looking to get a backsplash that is cheap, pretty and unique at the same time. Before we go into the various options available, let us have a look at what exactly is a backsplash which is a popular concept that is installed in both the kitchen as well as a bathroom in a home.

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A backsplash serves what is essentially a very utilitarian purpose. It protects the area of wall behind the kitchen sink or the kitchen stove top from oil or water splashing on to the paint or wall paper. This is the purpose of a backsplash but over the ages, it has also come to serve an aesthetic purpose – in the sense that it has become an inseparable part of kitchen decor.

DIY backsplash ideas are for those people who want to do up their kitchen in a very interesting and yet elegant manner but do not have the inclination to spend too much. DIY projects will however, involve dedication,  a keen hand at carpentry and a watchful eye to ensure that the project is turning out the way it should. It will also require experience because a novice will take a very long time and may end up making irreversible and costly mistakes. So if you are not very confident of your skills, but still want to install a DIY backsplash, have someone experienced around to keep an eye on your work.

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Look for inexpensive items for your backsplash once you have figured out what pattern, design and materials you want to use. Buy the panel and the necessary tiling or other materials and get to work. Make sure you have a strong adhesive to use as well. Usually, DIY backsplash ideas involve using materials that are not very expensive and easily available, and also those that are not commonly used in a backsplash. Brick is a favorite when it comes to DIY backsplash ideas for kitchens simpley because they are an inexpensive option and can be used creatively to make the kitchen look rustic and elegant. Use the bricks in an exposed state to give the kitchen a shabby chic look and paint over them in a striking color to add panache to the kitchen. If your kitchen is small then a tall backsplash of chocolate colored brick would look fabulous. Make sure to use high gloss paint.

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When choosing backsplash materials, do think about how feasible it would be to reinstall or replace – you do not want to spend a fortune making your kitchen look great and then have to leave it behind if you move. Also, think about how easy it will be to clean – for example, engraved backsplash tiles might collect a lot of grease and grime and start looking dull – and cleaning this would also be difficult because it is difficult to get right into the depth of the grooves. Use hot water and a toothbrush for best effect. Choose a cork backsplash for the kitchen, handpainted tiles for the bathroom. Choose bottle caps as well – they make the kitchen look very interesting.