23 November 2013 DIY wood countertops for your kitchen

DIY wood countertops for your kitchen

Counter tops always add to the overall look of a kitchen space and DIY wood countertops are a great way to do up your kitchen and hone your skills in carpentry at the same time. There are some things that you simply cannot make yourself, for example, kitchen islands will take a fair bit of professional skills with carpentry tools – however, DIY  projects can easily involve making your own counter top out of pre bought counter tops or salvaged wood etc. That way you save a lot of money and you also personalize your home furniture.

DIY wood countertops

Do not be daunted by the idea of DIY wood countertops – they are in fact easy to make if you have some experience with wielding carpentry tools. Many people do it simply because it is a good way to improve the looks and aesthetic appeal of their homes without burning a deep hole in their pockets.

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Make a trip to the local discount stores – you are sure to find basic wooden planks or tongue and groove wooden flooring that is great for making a countertop. Look for wood types to suit your needs and budget and go for pine, fir, cedar  – mainly hardwoods that will be durable and can sustain constant exposure to daily knife usage etc.

When buying old wood look for the straightest planks you can find which are free of dents, knots, chips and warps. Trim the edges so that the sharp edges are smoothed and shape them preferably into rounds. When you finally join the planks together, the rounded edges will help you fit them snugly together.

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Tongue and groove  flooring is easy to transform into a countertop as it involves holding the tongue in place in the groove with super glue, clamping it shut and waiting for the clamp to try. You can then polish or varnish the counter top according to your liking and in accordance with your kitchen decor.

You can easily use old furniture for DIY wood countertops because they are he best source of raw material available. It is important that you use salvaged or distressed wood for DIY projects because they save the planet in the long run. Remember that a tree takes as long as 80 years to mature before the wood can be used for furniture making and it only takes a second for it to be cut down unceremoniously.

Also, not only are you doing a good deed, you are also saving yourself a lot of money.

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DIY wood countertops can be a long and exhausting project physically, though it is easy enough to actually work on. Have all your equipment handy before sitting down to it and make sure the nails, paint brushes and other tools of trade are near at hand.

As is the ritual with all DIY projects, spread newspaper all over the ground before you start and preferably set up your DIY wood countertops project in the basement or yard where it will not interfere with your daily lives inside your home till it is finished.