11 June 2012 Farmhouse Kitchen Table Plans

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Plans

Farmhouse kitchen table plans include all Americana style decorations.  All of the things needed to decorate your farmhouse kitchen table of course must be in line with American theme. The color, style, dishes and everything should be selected carefully according to your chosen style.

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The first thing that you should think about in farmhouse kitchen table plans is the color theme. Farmhouse kitchen is associated with warmth and cheerfulness. Choose warm colors like blue, red, white pale yellow, beige, and peach for brighter look. You can use this color theme for your table plans and start to handpick the perfect kitchen decorations according to it.

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Most farmhouse kitchen tables are big, so, you probably need bigger table cloth with red and white gingham or farm print fabric. The gingham print will be perfect to cover the wide space of your farmhouse kitchen table. Hand-knitted doilies can also be another alternative if you prefer this kind of fabric. It has variety of colors and intricate designs. You can combine it with the plain ones as the variations. Add white knitted lace will be perfect. Remember that you must stick to your color theme in choosing the tablecloth combination.

As for the dishes for your farmhouse kitchen table plans, make sure that you choose plates that represent farm animals, landscapes or flowers into their design. Some farmhouse themed dishes producers print them on ceramics.  Some stores even sell them in one set, so you do not need to be troubled with finding the matching dishes, teapot, salt and pepper shakers. Frankoma pottery from Oklahoma is one of the prominent producers of farmhouse themed dishes and they offer dishes with various colors and patterns.

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To add the sense of nature in your farmhouse kitchen table plans, you can add some fresh flowers or fruits on your table. You can either use typical milk glass flower vases, bowls, and compote dishes or be more creative by using milk pails, flower pots, watering cans and old coffee tins as the alternative. This will add the uniqueness of your farmhouse kitchen table.

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They key point of farmhouse kitchen table plans is the sense of nature. There are lots of Americana style decorations or eating utensils around with various prices. If you are lacking of budget, a simple alternative with much simpler home made decorations will be just fine. Just remember to make it in harmony with your kitchen stetting and other table decorations. Don’t be afraid to invent new ideas on your own, reading and browsing the net might help.