8 February 2013 What are French Kitchen Accessories?

What are French Kitchen Accessories?

It would make a lot of sense if French kitchen accessories were things used to make French food, but no. Well, not necessarily. Things don’t always make sense. These accessories are, in reality, kitchen accessories with accents from French art. For it to fall in the French category for kitchen accessories, it must have a unique style or design that originates from French descent. Whether it’s Parisian or cottage-country style, both aristocrats and peasants have contributed to the unique style of kitchen accessories over the years which we now can buy from any store that sells kitchenware.

French cuisine is known to be one of the best around the world and it boasts of a rich history of good food, great sauces and lots of herbs. With that said, it is not surprising that the French has a large influence on cooking, kitchen utensils and accessories.

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What makes French kitchen accessories unique?

It’s a subtle touch in colour or design that accents the “French” in kitchen accessories. There’s no definite description of what the accessories should look like as the French influence on items have been tweaked here and there over time.

The designs seem to be ubiquitous and very common but Parisian designs have unique pastoral scenes and figural designs. What made the style phenomenal was that it marked a technical revolution. Copper-plate printing made it possible to make those intricate designs on cloth and other materials during that time and its profound contribution to art made it very popular up until today.

What does a French kitchen look like?

Frankly speaking, a regular kitchen has almost the same furniture, equipment and accessories found in a French kitchen. I used ‘almost’ because some French cuisine requires a certain utensil or accessory that aren’t normally used by regular home cooks. As an example, French fry cutters and French pressed coffeemaker are not what you find in regular homes. It’s very specific tools to make French cuisine.

The function of the kitchenware is the same throughout all the kitchens worldwide. What makes a French kitchen distinct is not just the kitchenware but the accessories used to accent the overall theme. These could be country-style dish towels, French signage on jars, enamel pitchers and others.

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Where do you find kitchen accessories with Parisian designs?

Kitchen accessories with French designs are widely sold in the market. The easiest place to find unique pieces would be online. The internet provides a wide range of options for different kitchen accessories.

However, if you’re looking for vintage kitchen accessories, scavenging in thrift shops and yard sales could be your best bet in looking for authentic pieces and paying less. You could also visit antique stores but items would be more expensive as they’re all authenticated.

Another option is to visit brick and mortar stores that sell kitchenware. You have the option to buy from famous brands of kitchenware or settle for kitchen accessories that can be found in department stores or general merchandise type of stores. French kitchen accessories are not exclusively sold by a certain manufacturer so it’s easy to find them in regular stores.