29 November 2012 G Shaped Kitchen Design

G Shaped Kitchen Design

The oldest kitchen layout is that what they call the L shaped. Not long after the L shaped are launched in the market, the home and kitchen interior designers develop this kitchen layout into U shape kitchen design, that is consider as more effective than the L shape, especially in the larger space. Not long after U shaped are widely use, the G shape is created. At a glance, you may see the similar concept between u shape and the G shape kitchen design. Only, the G shape has the extra extension leg on one side of the kitchen. With the new development of layout, more people can work at the same time in it. The G shape was made so that more people can easily walk here and there in the kitchen without distract the cooking process.

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The G shaped kitchen design is considered to have more powerful feature and design than L or U shaped layout because it frees your movement and give more room to other kitchen activities. The G shaped layout adds a partial fourth wall of the additional cabinets, if there is any, the parts they called the peninsula. This is why the kitchen can accommodate for more than 1 people activities in it. The bad news is, in a smaller space, the G shaped kitchen design is potentially look narrower and crowded. However, to solve this problem you can choose to crate open kitchen design, and integrate it with other room. You can add a kitchen bar as the useful partition as a choice.

The experience said that with G shape kitchen layout, three people can work at the place effectively without distract one another work. More counter space and bigger storage make the space even more useful for big house. Other benefits of G shape basically still hold on to this reason. It will suitable with the home with more family member, it make the additional storage and counter added to the space, and it easier to integrated the kitchen with other subsidiaries activities with such kitchen shape.

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This is definitely a kitchen design for family cooking experiments. Want to make the safe kitchen for your kids? The g shaped will be the best answer. You can watch them learn to make their first pizza or cookies while you work on your own cooking at once. It is a real family cooking together kitchen design.