20 July 2012 Glazing White Kitchen Cabinets

Glazing White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are the best options for any kinds of kitchen designs you want. Not only that it is neutral and can be mixed together with any kinds of kitchen appliances colors, it can also give wider and spacious effect to your small kitchen. If white cabinets is what you have been dreaming of for you kitchen, maybe you want to improve its beauty by giving a touch of glaze on it. Glaze will not only protect your white cabinets from dirt, it will enhance the durability and the look of your kitchen cabinets too. Glazing white kitchen cabinets is an easy process that you can do it by yourself without the help of professionals. Follow these tricks and tips carefully.

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The most important about glazing white kitchen cabinets is covering all of the area that you want to glaze without exception. If you want to have a better result, you will need to remove the doors of your cabinets to give you better access to your cabinets’ parts for a thorough and sleek glazing. If you feel like you do not want to strip the cabinets, you can just cover the visible area.

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Do the cleaning for your cabinets with mineral spirits and a wiping cloth to remove the grease on the cabinets. Let them dry and then you can start the glazing white kitchen cabinets process. Make sure that your glaze is fully mixed by stirring it with stirring stick. Remember to apply the glaze little by little to make sure that you cover the entire surface of the wood thoroughly.

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Wipe the glaze off using a wiping cloth. Since it is designed to be left in each crevice and detail, you can wipe clean the glaze on the flat sections or leave it be streaky according the look that you want. You can always glaze it again if you think that you wipe too much glaze off. Continue the glazing white kitchen cabinets process with the other parts and wait until dry for each coating. Remember that you have to adjust one part with the others in the term of the way you glaze it to avoid uneven result between one parts or the other.

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Once you have done with all of the glazing white kitchen cabinets process, you can re attach the parts back to your cabinets and see the result. If you feel any mismatch glazing, you can always re glaze it again and again. Check for some tips and ideas on the internet for other references.