19 June 2012 Kitchen Curtains and Valances

Kitchen Curtains and Valances

You might think that curtains are unimportant for your kitchen. Take a look again and take your curtains off of your kitchen windows and see that curtains are indeed important both functionally and decoratively for your kitchen. They give your kitchen protections against the heat of the sun and they also add some characters in your kitchen by the choice of fabrics and patterns of yours. If you plan on changing your kitchen curtains and valances, here are some tips for you.

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Match your kitchen curtains and valances with the theme of your kitchen. Make sure that you choose the right colors and patterns because you don’t want your choice of colors and patterns ruin the look of your kitchen. You can imagine your modern kitchen with teddy bears patterned curtains and see how horrible it will be. If your kitchen theme is sleek and modern, choose simple and sleek curtains and valances too. Intricate valances might not be necessary for your modern kitchen style. If you still insist on using it, you can choose the simpler ones without any decorations and unimportant accessories such as laces or ribbons. While those kinds of intricate designs and accessories will are perfect for your French country, farmhouse and vintage styled kitchens.

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Choose the matching colors and patterns between your kitchen curtains and valances. Adjust the color of your curtains and valances with your kitchen color theme. Choose a shade darker or brighter colors for your kitchen, different colors are possible but your have to make sure that the colors blend well and naturally fit your kitchen.

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The next, you have to adjust the colors for your kitchen valances and your curtains. Similar color is the safest option and best for a modern kitchen since it gives out tidy and simple feel of it. Different colors of valances and curtains are also possible. You just need to remember to differentiate the color by a mere shade, do not contrast the colors that much unless you want to have a more vintage look. Blue curtain with a shade of darker blue valances is better than a light blue curtain with indigo blue valances. If you want to use the patterned ones, you can choose the similar pattern between your kitchen curtains and valances. Avoid different patterns unless you want to have a vintage style. Even if you want to use different patterns, make sure that they are in the same color tone to avoid clash.

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Kitchen curtains and valances with various models and colors are everywhere. Be creative and choose the appropriate ones by taking more references on the net.