13 June 2012 Kitchen Flooring for Dark Cabinets

Kitchen Flooring for Dark Cabinets

The key for the beauty of a kitchen lies in the unity of its furniture and appliances. Mismatching ktchen appliances will damage your kitchen’s beauty. Save your kitchen by matching your cabinet color with your flooring. Dark colored cabinets can be pretty tricky since they do not blend with any colors.  These simple tips on kitchen flooring for dark cabinets can help you.

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Before changing your kitchen flooring for dark cabinets completely, consider your kitchen’s size first. Darker colored cabinets are best matched with lighter colored flooring for smaller kitchen’s size. It will create the spaciousness effect despite the narrow space provided by your kitchen. Adjust the color of your flooring with the cabinets. If your cabinets are black then a shade of lighter grey colored flooring will fit. But if you have dark brown wooden cabinets, a matching paler colored wooden planks will work well to add the classy look of your kitchen. Combination of dark and light from your cabinets and flooring create neater and crisp look of your kitchen. It sharpens the edges of your cabinets and other furniture.

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Darker kitchen flooring for dark cabinets can work well for bigger kitchen space. If you have a bigger kitchen space, you can blend darker colored flooring with your darker cabinets to create the unity of your kitchen color theme. Be careful in choosing darker shade flooring though. It will impact the kitchen lighting as well. If you have black cabinets, choosing black hard stoned flooring will dim your kitchen which means you need more lighting tricks. If you insist of applying darker colored flooring along with dark cabinets, make sure that you add some other brighter kitchen appliances such as: lighter countertops and sink sets and islands or tables. There is no beauty in all dark kitchen themes, combining light and dark is the best trick for darker cabinets and flooring combination.

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Contrast and bold colored or patterned kitchen flooring for dark cabinets can be a debacle. Some dark cabinets only works with plain colors such as grey, all kinds of wood color, black stone, granite floor, white, or crème. Bold color such as red, lime green, yellow etc will make your kitchen seems messy and disorganized.  Try to avoid those bold colors and bold patterned floorings for your dark cabinets.

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Kitchen flooring for dark cabinets is indeed tricky. Applying and matching color for your dark cabinets only requires unity and natural blending. Although it has limited rooms for creativity, you can still improvise with other kitchen appliances such as countertops, sinks and kitchen islands.