Kitchen Wall Colors with Cherry Cabinets

Cherry cabinet is a fabulous option if you are dreaming of a classy kitchen design. It is famous for its bold colors and patterns. The boldness of this type of wood is the thing which attracts some people to have it in their kitchen since it can accentuate the focal point in their kitchen. However, this kind of kitchen cabinets will also become the root of confusion since combining bold cherry color is not an easy thing to do. Choosing the wrong paint on your wall will out shunned the glamour of your cherry cabinets. Here are some kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets ideas for your references.

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The first rule about cherry cabinets is that you should not hide their beauty by choosing bold and bright colors as your kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets. Choose neutral color tones such as cream, beige or chocolate brown. This kind of colors will give you warmth and soft feeling in contrast with bold colors and pattern of cherry cabinets. Their neutral tone will bring out the glory of your cherry cabinets since bold colors will compete with it and in the end it will confuse whoever sees the kitchen. Warm colors will be perfect if you paint your wall trim with subtle neutral shades such as white, crème or light grey to accentuate the boldness of your cherry cabinets.

When painting your wall against your cherry kitchen cabinets, you have to remember that your wall color should not compete with your cherry cabinets otherwise it will be confusing for the others who see it. Start with using low sheen or matte paint. Matte paint does not shine and it does not reflect light. In this term, there will be no competition between you cherry wood with wall paint. For this kind of paint type, you are free to choose bolder colors for your kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets since non matte paint will warm up and soften up your kitchen cabinets.

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Warm colored paints such as red, warm terracotta, olive green will complement your cherry cabinets if you want to use them for a softer colored kitchen theme. Terracotta wall color will be perfect for your classic kitchen style which will harmonize your kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets. You can even add some dark grey in your kitchen to go with your cherry cabinets for a more modern look. Combine them with bronze lining for metallic and modern look.

Cherry cabinets are indeed hard to handle. Choose the right kitchen wall colors with cherry cabinets which will not compete with the boldness of cherry wood.

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