9 July 2012 Low Cost Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Low Cost Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Budget is not a huge problem anymore when we are talking about kitchen remodeling ideas. The technology allows us to have cheaper materials with the look of luxurious and grand appliances nowadays. You can have sparkling granite looking stainless steel countertop with affordable price as well as luxurious wood looking flooring with the price of laminate. These facilities can be used as one of the tricks to get low cost kitchen remodel ideas. If updating in limited budget is what you will do for your kitchen, here are some tips and tricks for you.

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Keeping the lay out is the firs thing for your low cost kitchen remodel ideas. Changing the lay out will cost much money for plumbing and electricity. Let the main appliances such as fridge, sink and stove stay in their triangle position to save money and energy. Change the lay out for removable objects such as tables, chairs stools etc.

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Do not buy new appliances unless it is necessary. Reuse your old appliances and accessories by painting your kitchen cabinets, walls, seating etc with different colors and patterns. It is better to apply satin or semi gloss latex paint for your walls and furniture for sparkling effect and it also stands up to scrubbing. A nice primer with de-glossing primer to help the paint adhere after sanding is enough to get brand new smooth looking appliances. Remove the doors and your cabinets’ hard ware when sanding and painting for better result. Although it is time consuming, this low cost kitchen remodel ideas result is terrific.

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Change your drawer pulls and cabinet handles. Use the existing holes and take some of your old hardware to the shop when it is necessary. It will help you to match the position and size of the screws. Change the upper cabinets or drawer’s hard ware only to save money. Open shelving cabinetry can give a refreshing and wider look of your kitchen. Display the cabinet contents attractively and keep them well organized.  Glass doors combinations on one set of cabinets can create a focal point for your low cost kitchen remodel ideas.

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Low cost kitchen remodel ideas require second rate materials for your appliances. Cheaper Laminate or use ceramic tiles is enough for your countertops.  Be creative with paint, tile, mirrors, or framed prints or photos for your backsplash. Wood flooring is expensive. Vinyl and Laminate are better option for your kitchen.  If you do not want to change your wood floors, you can paint them with durable floor paint for your low cost kitchen remodel ideas.