24 July 2012 Painted Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Painted Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Painted Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Having oak kitchen cabinets in your kitchen is a luxury in its own. It is highly durable and hard although you need extra care if you let it bare without paint or furnish to protect it. Natural colored oak is much better since you can bring out the natural pattern of the wood as the complementary element for your classic kitchen design. But if you want to cover it with paint which will make it easier for you to clean and blend it with your kitchen’s style, you probably need these tips on painted oak kitchen cabinets.

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Oak kitchen cabinets can be painted in any colors you want as long as it goes with your kitchen’s theme and style. That is why selecting the best color for your painted oak kitchen cabinets comes as the first priority. Consider the size, style and circumstances. Your kitchen’s size determines the brightness of your oak cabinets. The smaller the kitchen is the brighter color needed to brighten up the kitchen and make it seems bigger. Your modern kitchen will look outstanding with black, white or grey oak cabinets while your traditional kitchen will go well with more natural color.

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You have to be careful with painted oak kitchen cabinets since you need to sand the painted area only. Strip off the doors and its hinges as well as knobs. Use special cleaner to remove grease and wait until it dries completely. Start sanding them carefully since as not to destroy the patterned surface of your oak cabinets. Use fine-grain sandpaper for a softer sanding on the edges of it or decorative moldings.

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To get the best result with a smooth surface for your cabinets, use sprayer to apply the primer. It will prevent uneven levels and make sure that you do not leave any brush marks on your painted oak kitchen cabinets. Cover the surrounding area with paper to keep it from being sprayed. Remember that oak has a strong natural pattern. Apply one coat of primer only to keep the natural color shows through but if you want the pattern to be invisible, you maybe need two coats of primers.

Do the painting per each coat with a little sanding in between each coating. The way you paint them depends on the result of painted oak kitchen cabinets that you want. For natural brush marks paint them with brush and spray the paint for smoother result.

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Choose whatever paint suits you the best but remember to let them dry before applying the next coat. That is why oil based paint needs more time to dry. Browse for more painted oak kitchen cabinets for better result.