6 June 2012 Painting Kitchen Cabinets Black

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Black

Painting kitchen cabinets black usually identified that you have modern contemporary kitchen design. Black kitchen cabinets also indicate that you love simple maintenance and elegant home design. The maintenance of black kitchen cabinets is relatively simpler than any other colored kitchen cabinets. Black minimizing the visibility of the stain that may be attached to the cabinet door as well as disguising the worn; however, the black color on the cabinet door can increase the possibility for the scratch to be seen. The key is by applied the glossy base to protect the surface.

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Black kitchen cabinets always look more sophisticated and elegant. This is also considered as the smart way to get modern look without have to spend more money. In case you have old kitchen cabinetry which you intend to renovate, black is the right color to upgrade its value in a maximum rate. Painting kitchen cabinet black also creates the cold atmosphere. So, you have to be careful to find the combination of this color. Remember that cabinet will dominate the area, so you better know well what you need to do to make your kitchen match your preference.

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There are some instructions to paint your kitchen cabinet with black. The instruction of painting kitchen cabinet black may be the same with the general kitchen cabinet improvement. First is removing all the hardware parts of your kitchen cabinet. There is a possibility you need to take them out of your kitchen. Then prepare the working area before removing the parts is important. Wipe and clean the whole surfaces of the kitchen cabinet items. Clean it with ammonia and warm water to remove or reduce the grease, then pain it with the light sanding. After that, prime the surfaces with brush.

You can make two or three coats to complete the black color and the coverage of the cabinet surfaces. To prevent the paint peeling off, razor the edge of the cabinet against the paint. After the paint completely dry, hang all the items back to the hinge. That’s how instruction of painting kitchen cabinet black. It should be ease you on doing any kitchen renovation.

Consider the combination of the color use in the kitchen decoration, when you decide to choose black as your color of kitchen cabinet. The adjustment of furniture will create the best result, even though black usually can match with any color.