Remodeling a Very Small L Shaped Kitchen

Having a small kitchen seems quite problematic especially if you use your kitchen often. You need to be careful with choosing the right colors, appliances, style and theme of your kitchen to make it more comfortable for you to work in it. If your have an L shaped kitchen with limited kitchen space you can remodel it with these tricks on remodeling a very small L shaped kitchen for bigger and brighter look.

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Set the right appliances to the right position for remodeling a very small L shaped kitchen. Important appliances such as stove refrigerator and sink can be arranged in triangular method. Put the stove and fridge on opposite ends of each wall and the sink somewhere on the wall counter. This will make you easier in doing your job in the kitchen by giving you better access for stove, fridge and sink.

When you decide to buy new appliances for remodeling a very small L shaped kitchen, you must be selective in choosing smaller three significant appliances: refrigerator, sink, and stove. If it is necessary, you can bring the sitemap of your kitchen to measure the needed free countertop space for working so it will not be overcrowd with appliances. There are various efficient appliances which are specially designed for L shape kitchens around.

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Adding an kitchen island can do magic for remodeling a very small L shaped kitchen design. However, some people are not fortunate enough to have needed space to add an island to their already packed kitchen. Another alternative is a kitchen bar. Make use of you L shaped kitchen countertop as your double functions kitchen bar. You can extend one side of your countertops to create a small kitchen bar. You can use one side of it for your working space and the other for your serving area. If your use your kitchen bar for your kitchen works, you may need to choose a tougher, sturdier material such as hard stone or granite on your countertop. Use the space under the kitchen bar to save some of your kitchen ware to add more free space on your main countertops.

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Remodeling a very small L shaped kitchen to seem bigger and wider requires painting your kitchen with bright colors and matches the furniture with brighter themed kitchen style. Brighter cabinets, walls and flooring will give spaciousness feel to your kitchen. There are available options in stores so being careful and selective is what you can do best for your L shape kitchen.

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