10 June 2012 Small Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Country Kitchen Design Ideas

A country style kitchen is now gaining its popularity back. People miss the rustic and natural feel in their kitchen instead of the modern sleek one. This style will be perfect with bigger size kitchens since it requires space to fill with country styled furniture and decorations. However, it does not mean that a small kitchen will not do. Here are some small country kitchen ideas that you can employ.

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The key point of redecorating a small kitchen is choosing the right lay out. A small kitchen means less space, so, you can choose a G or U shaped lay out. Install heavy and immovable appliances to the wall and give some more space in the middle of your small country kitchen design ideas for your cooking space.

Color theme determines the look of your small country kitchen design ideas. To give bigger and brighter look on your kitchen, try to choose pale hues and soft colors.  You can combine them with gray or ivory. Pale color will make your kitchen washed out sun bleached look as the characteristics of Mediterranean coastal cottages. Make sure that your kitchen furniture blend well with your kitchen color theme and avoid contrast strong colors for your furniture.

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Choosing the right and efficient appliances is the next step. Remember to consider about its function first then the design and style. Built-in cabinets are not common for French style small country kitchen design ideas. Instead of big sized space consuming cabinets, feel free to apply open shelving, racks or armories in your French style kitchen. Armories and open shelving can give you the opportunity to display your country kitchen wares and utensils, but remember to keep them orderly and attractively. Hanging some of your cooking utensils might not be a good option for your small kitchen, better keep them neatly by the wall as to not disturb your movement and overcrowd your kitchen.

As for flooring and decorations, wooden flooring and natural themed decorations will always be the best option for your small country kitchen design ideas. If making wooden floor is not your preferred option, you can always accentuate your regular floor with rugs with rustic colors but remember to consider the space. As for the decorations, avoid putting too much of it. Leave some empty space in your kitchen, one or two natural themed pictures or dishes and cutlery will suffice.

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Creativity and efficiency are the key points for small country kitchen design ideas. Referring to some pictures of country kitchen designs will definitely help you in choosing the right design.