12 June 2012 Small Kitchen Bar Designs

Small Kitchen Bar Designs

A kitchen should be a family place. It is not only a cooking place but also a place where everybody can sit together eating their meal while sharing their daily activities. That is why some kitchens add a bar or a small island table in their kitchen as a family space. Although this kind of bars and kitchen islands work well with bigger kitchens, a small kitchen does not mean that you can not use your small space available as your family place. A simple small kitchen bar designs tricks can solve your problem.

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To create small kitchen bar designs needs careful preparation. The first thing that you need to consider is its functionality. If your kitchen bar is used as your working space as well as serving space, you can consider the L shape bar. You only need to extent the countertop for more spaces which can be used as both working space and serving area. You can use one side of it for your working space and the other for your serving area. if your use your kitchen bar for your kitchen works, you may need to choose a tougher, sturdier material such as hard stone or granite for your kitchen countertop. The classic beauty it is fine for serving food also.

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A drop down or a drop leaf table at the back of an existing bar can be another option for your small kitchen bar designs. This kind of drop down table can be used both as the working area as well as the serving area. You can simply use metal brackets to attach a portion of the countertop with the bar back.  A drop leaf table can also be easily folded out when there are more people to serve. Some of the drop leave or drop down table can be folded to the wall when it is not being used. And some others are available in wheels which enables you to move it around according to your need.

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Building a pass trough the bar with an opening from the kitchen to the adjoining area can be a sweet alternative for your small kitchen bar designs. You can open up the dividing wall for decoration space and convenience as a buffet table. You can add a sliding door which can be used to prevent your kitchen to be displayed all the time.

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One thing that you need to consider in making small kitchen bar design is the functionality and efficiency. Make sure that your bar serves its purpose. Do not overcrowd it with clutters.