3 July 2012 Small Kitchen Floor Plan

Small Kitchen Floor Plan

Some people are lucky to have spacious kitchen to decorate which give them ultimate freedom in choosing whatever ideas they want to use in their kitchen. However most of us are not that lucky and have to be content with smaller and inadequate kitchen size with limited options to decorate and designs. Do not hang your head and cheer up since we have lots of tricks to make your kitchen seems spacious despite the limited space it has. Flooring can be your answer. Applying the right flooring can enhance the look of your kitchen since it consumes most of the focal points of your kitchen area. Here are some small kitchen floor plan tips for you.

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Before going out and buying your small kitchen floor plan, you better consider the availability of the materials and you kitchen’s style and budget. There are various kinds of materials on the stores and among them, the most popular ones are: hardwood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl and tile. They come with different kinds of colors and style. Choose the right flooring for your kitchen style and budget. Wood is the most expensive, and then the next tile, linoleum and vinyl are the least expensive of all.

To give your kitchen the spacious look it requires, you need to choose the lighter colored ones. Brighter colored small kitchen floor plan will give an effect of width and crisp looking to go with your small kitchen. If you choose wood for your floor, choose lighter colored wood such as plywood, maple and others, teak and oak might be too dark for your small kitchen. As for linoleum and vinyl tiles, they come in various colors and patterns. Choose brighter natural pastel colors such as crème, natural stones or wood patterns with lighter colors.

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If you opt for mosaic tiles, remember to choose the right pattern and color for your small kitchen floor plan tiles. Choose brighter color combinations and avoid contrasting colors when you want to apply it in checkered style. Checkered style is not encouraged for smaller kitchen since it will make it seems smaller. Make a frame on your kitchen with darker tiles and use brighter tiles for the background of your mosaic style.

Adding glossy finish to your small kitchen floor plan will definitely add the spacious effect too. It will reflect the light and it will also give the impression of brighter and wider kitchen space. A matte or subdued finish will make the area look smaller.

Although the tricks for your small kitchen floor plan seem easy, you better browse or consult with the professionals for more ideas and tips for better result.