12 June 2012 Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

If you want to buy your cabinet, first thing that you need to know is how to read the label. Cabinet manufacturers use these codes for standard kitchen cabinet sizes and styles. You can mark each cabinet this way in your design. The common code for a cabinet is arranged as follow: the type of the cabinet with capital letters, and then followed by Width-Height-Depth’s (W-H-D) size. A cabinet with W2436 can be described as follows: the code W means Wall, the number 24 is the width and the number 36 is the height. A wall cabinet usually has 12” as the standard depth.

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The codes for standard kitchen cabinet sizes can be identified from their name.  B for base cabinet, D for drawer base, SB for sink base, SCW (wall) or SCB (base) for Square corner cabs and DCW (wall) and DCB (base) for diagonal base, or sometimes DW or DB only. This name is followed by width and height number. For a diagonal wall cabinet, the width is from the right or left outer edge to the back corner.

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The width and height can be varied but some products usually have their own standard depth, so some standard kitchen cabinet size codes state the width and height only. For a base cabinet, 24″ and height 34-1/2″ are standard and for a wall cabinet, the standard depth is 12” with varieties of width start from 12-42” and height starts from 12-42”. For base cabinets, the standard depth is 24” with the width ranges from 9-60” and height of 34-1/2” with the finished edge with the countertop is 36”.

For sink bases, the regular depth is 24” and height of 34-1/2” but it has different width for different type of base. The regular one is 18-24” for bar sinks and 30-48” for full size sinks, Apron or Farmhouse Sink base 33-42” and Diagonal sink base of 36-42”. Sink base fronts only (with unattached floors and toekicks) are available in width ranges from 24″ to 48″.

Typical standard kitchen cabinet sizes for diagonal or square corner wall cabs are 24″ of width and 30-42″of height. Corner base kitchen cabinet sizes are with 33-36 W and 34-1/2” H. Kitchen cabinet sizes for diagonal sink bases for a corner sink location are usually 36″ or 42″. Use the 42″ if you’ll be installing a double bowl sink.

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Understanding the numbers of standard kitchen cabinet sizes is indeed confusing but you will get the hang of it once you start to check up the store. Remember to choose the right size for your kitchen space.