5 December 2012 Two Tone Kitchen

Two Tone Kitchen

Some people think that two tone kitchen is rather too much, while many other people think otherwise. Two tones for kitchens are definitely beautiful and easy to be created such way to make certain theme or style. Black and white tones usually use to create classic traditional or classic modern, dark brown with light brown or cream suitable to create traditional or Mediterranean kitchen style. Any pastel to tone colors will be beautiful to make vintage style or shabby chic kitchen style, and light wooden brown and white to create perfect Japanese style.

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Two tone kitchens can also be means creating two types of material together. You can mix two types of woods; maple and cherry wood, or oak with pine, bamboo and oak, or mahogany and maple. The combinations of the woods colors can give beautiful natural look to your kitchen without have to add paints. Or if you prefer to give more glossy and fun look you can simply choose to combine two paint colors to your kitchen. The combinations can be anything; it can be green lime with broken white, or yellow and white, blue and grey, or red and with silver. All you have to do is just determine the kitchen style you intend to apply in your kitchen, and choose the colors match to reflect the style.

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Other combinations that will give your kitchen natural tone are the silver stainless steel. This material can be use to create many types of style and giving the natural color at once. Combine with black, and you will get the modern contemporary kitchen style. Or combine the silver stainless steel appliances with any pastel colors and you will get the retro or vintage kitchen style in your home. Silver stainless steel also can be combined with any type of wooden colors and make your kitchen get the traditional contemporary kitchen design. There you can make instant two tone kitchen without many efforts.

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Two tone kitchen has been become trend for so long. It gives strong idea for many types of kitchen since long time ago. If you searching on the website, you will found out that more than 25% of kitchen designs are those using two tone kitchen. The two tone kitchens are so popular that most people actually applied the system on their kitchen. It is easy to be customize, and every colors has predictable atmosphere produce for the space. Now, combine your own color palette.