9 July 2012 Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Yellow is the color of the sun and represents cheery sunlight. Yellow is believed to raise someone’s mood and is able to brighten the darker color to shine. If yellow is your favorite color, you can apply it in your kitchen design. Yellow kitchen cabinets are one of the ways to incorporate yellow to your kitchen design. However, having yellow cabinets set does not mean that you have to transform your kitchen design into an all yellow kitchen design. You can combine your yellow kitchen cabinets with whatever appliances you want. Here are some yellow kitchen cabinets ideas for you.

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Choose the right shade of yellow for your kitchen cabinets. Yellow has various shades start from bright banana yellow to wash out orange yellow. Adjust the brightness of your yellow kitchen cabinets with your kitchen’s need. If you have smaller kitchen, you can use brighter paint for your cabinets. Combine it with darker colored or brighter colored countertop in green and white will be okay. You are free to choose any shade of yellow for your bigger kitchen since it will not affect the size. You just need to adjust it with your kitchen theme. Washed out yellow or greenish yellow will look good in your classical kitchen while brighter yellow is perfect for your modern and vintage kitchen.

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Choose the right wall color to go with your yellow cabinets. Choose brighter color such as white, lime green or brighter grey for your smaller kitchen to enhance your kitchen’s size. The formula that the brighter the color the bigger and more spacious it seems still works well in here. Yellow kitchen cabinets look perfect with darker shade wall paint. Colors such as crème, dark grey, darker green, dark brown and orange will go well for your yellow kitchen cabinets. If you choose all yellow themed kitchens, choose darker shade of yellow for your wall.

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The next thing to match your yellow kitchen cabinets is your countertop and backsplash. Yellow goes well with any colors for countertops and backsplash. A butcher block countertop with its natural wood color combined with brownish or ceramic natural stone or tile backsplash is best for your classic French kitchen style. If you opt for a more modern looking kitchen, black or stainless steel countertop with darker colored or stainless steel backsplash will go perfectly fine too. Combine your yellow kitchen cabinets with lime green countertop or backsplash to give you a go green kitchen theme.

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Mix and match is the key for any kinds of kitchen designs ideas. When you are stuck with one particular colored appliance, be creative is the key.